Name: Misty
Description: Grey short haired
Age: 8 months
Sex: Female
Adoption: St George Animal Shelter

Misty came in with 3 other 7-9 month old grey cats and it is hard to tell them apart!! Particularly as they are energy in motion, constantly playing with people and each other!! Smokey, Taz and Misty are all very curious and interested in what people are doing and so will follow you around and want to be part of everything you are doing.
Misty loves being petted. She loves to look out the window (especially when it’s open). Seemed the most curious about meeting the foster home’s dog. Misty is really long and skinny compared to the other. All four of the Greys gang have plush grey fur that is short but thick.
They also have varying degrees of raspy breathing due to polyps that were removed from their inside ears and soft part of their palate in their mouths. The polyps were quite big, and their removal left a cavity so the cats make noise make they breath. This might or might not go away, however it does not cause them pain and does not stop them in any way from living a normal life. Misty is about 8 months old, is spayed, microchipped, core and rabies vaccinated.

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