Name: Margaret Scratcher
Description: Calico, scar on right eye
Age: <1Year
Sex: Female
Adoption: Through DunRoamin’

Margaret Scratcher came to us from the Hartland area on May 26, 2019, along with nine others. Margaret weighed 5 lb, 10 oz and had mild tartar on her teeth and a corneal scar on her right eye, probably the result of an old ulcer injury. She also had ear mites and fleas. She was helping to nurse the eight kittens who came with her, some of whom may be her own.

Margaret Scratcher is a beautiful little girl who was born about November 16, 2018. She’s polydactyl (double paws) and is much too young to have a family, but she’s great with the kittens. Margaret will be treated for any and all medical needs by her friends at the Florenceville Veterinary Clinic. She and her family would like to thank Dr Monteith and the Florenceville Veterinary Clinic for all the help she and her friends have received. We’re all very grateful.

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