Name: May

Description: Dilute tortoiseshell

Age: 5 months

Sex: Female

Adoption: Through St George Animal Shelter

May is an affectionate, playful go-getter who is always on the move, including into your lap and up to snuggle your neck and chin!! Cute little face that looks like she will always look like a kitten!

May loves to play wand-toy with you and race around. She also likes to look outside and check out what is happening.
May is a bit pushy with other cats when it comes to dinner, but not to the point of any fighting or even hissing. She will try to push her way onto another cat’s plate but if the cat pushes back, then she will back off.
Otherwise, very good with other cats and no reason she would not be good with a respectful dog.

Optimal home would be one with a lot of affection and that would like to play with her. Would be good as only cat or with other cats, no problem with respectful dog. Probably best with older or no children.

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