Chet” came to DunRoamin’ from the Oakland area on August 17, 2020, along with his two siblings.  They were born to an unspayed mother and when they became sick she was unable to help them – that takes humans and medication – neither of which were available.  They were in pain and in dire straits.

All kittens had severe upper respiratory infection and had more fleas than any we had seen in quite some time.  Fleas are parasites that will bite (causing pain and irritation) and suck blood from their victims, and little kittens are especially susceptible to becoming very ill, sometimes even dying, from their effects.  Chet was no exception.

Chet has been prescribed antibiotics, eye medication and subcutaneous fluids to help him along.  He is slowly gaining ground day by day and loves being able to play and cuddle with his siblings.  And he is now ready for his new home!

As always, we require assistance to care for the increasing number of sick and injured cats and kittens brought for help.  If you are able, please consider donating to help these little ones.  We are all very grateful for the support we receive to ensure they get the help they need to become healthy again and go on to be loving, beloved and contributing family members.

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