Name: T’Challa

Description: Black

Age: 8 Months

Sex: Male

Adoption: Through the St George Animal shelter

T’Challa is just the cat’s meow!! You could not find a happier, better companion who loves to play and loves to be near you! T’Challa is all black with a fluff of white on his chest! He loves to play, loves to be petted and loves attention!!!

He gets along well with other cats, would probably like to be in a home with at least one other welcoming cat.

As well, T’Challa really liked the dog in his foster home, so a friendly dog would be a plus!!

Optimal home for T’Challa would be one with humans who like to play and pay attention to him, and/or other animals, cats or dogs that he can play and snuggle with !!

T’challa is neutered, microchipped, rabies and core vaccinated, and has had flea and worm treatments.

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