Name: Ralphie

Description: Grey Tuxedo long hair

Age: 8 months

Sex: Male

Adoption: Through St George Animal Shelter

Ralphie has a very outgoing personality, friendly, loves to play.

Ralphie has good manners, doesn’t go on counters or tables.

Foster mom thinks he would be good with children, he doesn’t scratch or bite. (Note : it is important to teach children to always play with a cat with toys eg. wand toy, though and not with their hands or feet to avoid teaching the cat to scratch and bite people.)

With other cats he wants to run and play, but he is still young and pushy so another kitty who likes to play too or who is tolerant of a young’un would be best.

Ralphie isn’t a lap-cat but loves to be close and enjoys being petted. All in all he’s a lovely companion.

Best home for Ralphie is active with lots of play companions, either people or other cats. No reason to think he would not do well with a respectful dog tolerant of his playful antics!!

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