Name: Natalia

Description: Tuxedo

Age: 1.5  Years

Sex: Female

Adoption: Through Dun Roamin Stray and Rescue

Natalia came to DunRoamin’ on June 25, 2020, one of 22 cats accepted from the NB SPCA.  Born about June 23, 2019, she had given birth to seven tiny babies on June 11, 2020.  Natalia had ear mites, dirty ears, conjunctivitis, was thin and was dehydrated.

Natalia was an excellent mother, a beautiful, sweet, quiet, affectionate, friendly little girl who will make a wonderful companion for children or older people – she loves everyone!  She is quiet, attentive and loving.  She is pleased to know that she will not have to have any more litters of kittens – there are so many out there without anyone to care for them.

Natalia has all her final vaccines, spays, neuters, FIV test, FeLV test and parasite control – all the things  she needs for a wonderful new life.

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