Name: Nadia
Description: Black and white
Age: 5 Months
Sex: Female
Adoption: Through the DunRoamin’ animal shelter

“Nadia” and her brother Brinkley (see below) came to DunRoamin’ on October 3, 2019 from the NB SPCA. They were rescued from a place where there were way too many cats living together without assistance. As winter is coming, they needed a loving home. They were born about July 3, 2019 and are sweethearts.

These two little kittens don’t know how NOT to purr! And purr loudly!! They are so very attentive to humans and love each and every one dearly. If you’re looking for cuddle cats, they’re the ones you need to meet! They love each other and we would like them to stay together. They have never been separated and need each other – and a few humans – to share their love of life.

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