Name: Maxi Boy

Description: white

Age: 5 Years

Sex: Male

Adoption: Through St George Animal Shelter

Maxi Boy is a friendly big boy with one green eye and one blue eye!!

Foster mom says Maxi is so loveable! Barely leaves my side. And he loves on everyone who comes into my apartment! Rubbing against legs and wanting to be pet. He is a funny boy too! Lots of personality.

This beautiful boy is bound to make someone very happy. Maxi is the most loveable guy. ”

Maxi is so laid-back and comfortable, he would do well in any kind of home. Kids, other cats, respectful dogs, quiet or active.

He loves to play with toys, is curious and interested in everything!!

Maxi Boy is neutered, microchipped, rabies and core vaccinated, and been given flea and worm treatments.

Maxi can stand to lose a few pounds (he is almost 14 lbs) by restricting his access to treats and giving him alot of love and afffection to make up for it!

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