Name: Ives

Description: Ginger

Age: 5 months

Sex: Male

Adoption: Through Dun Roamin Stray and Rescue

“Ives” came to DunRoamin’ on December 11, 2020 from a colony of dozens that was growing unchecked – they needed help. Ives was underweight, dehydrated, had severe ear mites, fleas, conjunctivitis and ocular discharge as well as upper respiratory infection and gastro-intestinal parasites. Ives was born about September 18, 2020, so was only about three months old.

Ives is a very sweet little boy. He has been on medication since his arrival and will be recovering during the Christmas holidays and into the new year with his DunRoamin’ friends. We hope we can help him become well quickly so that he may be adopted, leaving room for more of his friends to come in for help. He loves his friends Crystal, Fezz and Ribbon and we hope they may be adopted in pairs so that they will always have the feline company and closeness they have grown up with.

Thank you for your support of these beautiful little kittens – they can’t wait for a new life and home! We hope he may go to a new home in late January 2021 – he’s hoping so, too!

It is our hope and wish that these kittens may be adopted in pairs, or at least to a home that already has feline family members as they have never been without other cats and appear to be very bonded to each other.

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