Name: Etsy

Description: Tabby

Age: 2 Years

Sex: Female

Adoption: Through Dun Roamin Stray and Rescue

Etsy” returned to DunRoamin’ on October 13, 2020.  She had originally come to us on April 23, 2018, from Glassville where she had been found in the bottom of a potato barrell.  She was born about April 1, 2018.  She was all alone and was so young that she was not yet peeing and pooping on her own yet.  Thanks to her rescuer, she was soon doing well after lots of care.

Etsy is a very nice little girl with lots of attitude!  She knows what she wants and when she wants it!  She loves attention and loves to play.  She is very much looking forward to having a permanent home again.

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