Name: Cadeau

Description: Calico

Age: 8 Months

Sex: Female

Adoption: Through the DunRoamin’ animal shelter

Cadeau” came to DunRoamin’ on December 12, 2020 from a colony of 62 that was growing unchecked.  Cadeau was born about June 13, 2020, so is a sister to Amaryllis, Neige, Eira and Forest (see below).

Cadeau was underweight, had ear mites, fleas and juvenile stomatitis which means she required dental intervention.  She also had upper respiratory infection, as did all these cats.  On January 21, 2021, Cadeau was spayed and required all teeth except for her fangs to be removed due to the poor oral health she had experienced.  She is now 100% fine and feels so much better now that she has no pain in her mouth.  She is still capable and happy to eat dry food but also will enjoy a bet of wet food.

Cadeau received appropriate medication and underwent dental surgery.  She is looking forward to a loving home where she can live out her life happily.  She hopes to be adopted with one of her siblings as she has never been without other cats with whom to sleep, cuddle and play. She is friendly, outgoing, affectionate and loving, as are all these little ones.

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