“Waverleigh” came to Dun Roamin on June 30, 2020 from Perth-Andover where she had been found in the grass with her mother, Whimsy and sister Wynter.   Waverleigh was born about June 23, 2020, so was only about one week old. All cats were covered with fleas which can be very dangerous for any cat, but especially so for such tiny babies, as the fleas can drain large amounts of blood that babies need to survive. Fortunately, these little ones – and their mom – will now never have to suffer from these parasites again.

Waverleigh was healthy and is an extremely cute little buff-orange kitten who is active, loving and playful. She loves every human and cat she has met, and she’s looking forward to having a home and family to whom she can show her gratitude for this new life she has received!


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