Name: Vibes

Description: White with black nose

Age: 1 Year

Sex: Male

Adoption: Through Dun Roamin’ Stray and Rescue

Meet Vibes! He came to DunRoamin’ on October 6, 2021 from the Hartland area where he was a stray who was found to have an injured left hind leg. No one was able to help him. Vibes was born about October 6, 2020. Vibes had a 3-cm laceration on his left hip, probably the result of a bite wound. This wound required sutures to close. He was infested with a huge number of fleas and ear mites as well – both of which are extremely uncomfortable/painful for a cat. He was given pain medication as well as antibiotics to help him heal and be more comfortable. Vibes has displayed a wonderfully loving and affectionate personality. He is friendly and attentive – always looking for that next human hand to pat him or give him a quick rub on the top of his head. He will make a wonderful friend for someone and he can’t wait to join a family of his very own.

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