Meet Thelma!!

Foster mom says Thelma is spunky at times and very friendly. Also easy to handle.

The perfect home for Thelma is one that has Louise in it!! And either no dogs or very gentle, respectful dog.

Foster mom says that they are just the sweetest girls, Loving affection and getting brushed.

In one of the pictures, one eyed Louise just making herself comfy…on !! helma doesn’t seem to mind.
Shy around new people but warm up and are very affectionate. They also like all kinds of cat toys!!

Both girls are indoor cats only. None have any current known medical conditions, and take no current medications.
House trained, use litter box well – 2 litter boxes. 1 per cat.
They normally were eating Purina dry cat chow – Naturals.

Original owner said they were not disruptive in the house – don’t scratch furniture, use scratching posts.
She was very sad to let them go but had to due to allergies.

Thelma is spayed, microchipped, rabies and core vaccinated and has been treated for worms and fleas.

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