Name: Taz
Description: Grey short haired
Age: 8 months
Sex: Male
Adoption: St George Animal Shelter

Taz is so full of energy and fun. He loves to play with you, with other cats and with his toys. He loves, loves, loves your attention and petting and he loves his wet food. Then, all tuckered out, he loves to snuggle and sleep! All in all, Taz just loves life!
Taz came in with a number of his siblings who are all grey, like him. But you can easily pick out Taz, not only for the speck of white at the tip of his tail (looks like he dipped it in paint!) but that he will immediately want to make friends with everyone!!
Taz breathes like he has a bad cold. When he came in, he and most of his siblings had polyps in the mouth and ears. These have been removed, but the vet thinks it may have had some lasting effects that will be with him for life.
Never you mind, though, it doesn’t stop Taz a bit and it all just adds to the specialness and joy that is Taz. Are you ready for this much joy and love in your home??? Taz is about 8 months old, is neutered, microchipped and core and rabies vaccinated.

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