Scarlet came to us on May 9, 2019 from the Stickney area near where Tiller, our Cerebellar Hyperplasia cat had been found.  She had been living on her own and constantly faced the dangers of traffic and wild animals who had been seen in the area.  She is timid, but social.  We hope to be able to spay and neuter the feral cats from that area so that it will not turn into a larger colony than that which already exists.

Scarlet was born about May 9, 2017.  She is long-haired and beautiful.  She currently has a bit of attitude, but who doesn’t when they’re that beautiful?  She’s starting to put on some weight and is happy to be warm and safe.  She has been spayed and her routine vaccines and tests have begun.  She will be ready for a home by the end of May.  She looks forward to being an indoor loved cat where she will not have to face the dangers of such things as traffic, predators and weather.

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