Name: Remedy

Description: Black & White

Age: 2 Years

Sex: Male

Adoption: Through Dun Roamin’ Stray and Rescue

Meet Remedy! He came to Dun Roamin’ on the evening of October 10, 2021 from Richmond Corner where he had been found in a tree. He was unable to use or feel his hind legs, his body temperature was low, he showed pain in his neck, kidneys and lumbo-sacral region and swelling his left hind leg. X-rays revealed no fractures. Remedy was under intensive veterinary care with the Florenceville Veterinary Clinic- they made sure he received the best help available. Despite sustaining such a serious trauma, he is a very loving cat. Thanks to the professional veterinary care he received at the Florenceville Veterinary Clinic, he is in perfect health! He is very appreciative of this chance at a safe and healthy life. As of November 6, 2021, Remedy is doing well. He is happy to stay with his DunRoamin’ friends, but looks forward to being an indoor cat where he is loved, safe and can show his undying gratitude for his new life. He hopes to find a furever home soon.

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