Name: Piper

Description: Long Haired Tabby

Age: 10 months

Sex: Female

Adoption: Through St George Animal Shelter

This beauty of a cat was a surrender directly to the cafe, and she knows her name! She hung out with the owners for  few days to settle down and she’s such a sweaty!! She has the cutest (also slightly pathetic when shes in the car) meow and is not taking long to adjust to her new surroundings at the cafe! She loves the pets and can be quite playful! She also have SO MANY toes, shes looks like her fett and tail belong to another much larger cat.

With her beautiful coat and SUCH a fluffy tail she will need regular grooming to keep her so beautiful. She has been known to misuse the litter tray and poop just outside the litter tray but she has been cleared by the vet so we suspect its just a behavioural issue, she poops right outside the litter tray so it would be simple to lay the litter on a puppy pee pad to catch the stray poops. However, because of this we recommend a household with no other animals. She tolerates them but since coming to the cafe she has continued her pooping outside the litter tray habit, something she didn’t do in foster care when she was the only cat.

Piper is up to date on all her core vaccines and has been spayed.

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