Name: Phillip

Description: Tan tabby

Age: 8 months

Sex: Male

Adoption: Through the DunRoamin’ animal shelter

Phillip” came to us November 30th. He was born about June 11, 2019 and, along with more than a dozen other cats, was living in a building that was about to be demolished.  He had fleas and ear mites, but was otherwise relatively healthy.

Phillip is FULL of energy and badness!  He is fearless, loves to wrestle, bounces off things when he plays and spins his back feet while trying to run as fast as he can across the floor!  He’s got a very loud purr and loves being the centre of attention.  Plus, he’s GORGEOUS!  And, of course, he knows it!

Phillip has been neutered and has completed his vaccine protocol.  He is now ready and waiting for a new home. He and his sister Brazen (see above) are extremely close and play, cuddle together and groom each other.  If one is out of sight of the other, they meow for each other.  If at all possible, we’d like them to be adopted together – they are very close and would miss each other.

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