Name: Ollie

Description: Tabby

Age: 2 year

Sex: Male

Adoption: Through St George Animal Shelter

Ollie loves people so much! He loves to be in the same room as you and likes to find the highest point in the room to lay down on. Ollie is usually very quiet and calm but he can be very playful at times. He loves to play with laser pointers and mouses on a string.

Ollie is amazing with older kids who know just to pet and to be gentle. Ollie just loves the 4 year old daughter in the foster home who knows about being gentle-gentle.

Perfect home for Ollie would be one with people who like to play with him, but also like to just relax and chill. Gentle, playful kids would be a plus! No problem with other welcoming cats but no need either.

No dogs, please – Ollie is very scared of dogs and they bring out the wild side in him so he should be put in a safe room if dogs are coming to visit.

Ollie is estimated at 2 years old, spayed, microchipped, rabies and core vaccinated, has been flea and worm treated.

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