Name: Molly
Description: Grey and White
Age: 1 Year
Sex: Male
Adoption: Through St. George

Molly is a very affectionate and friendly girl just over 1 year old.
She loves hugs and being with her people. She also loves hunting, real or play!!
A mouse got into her original owner’s house and Molly had it in 5 minutes!

Molly has a lot of energy and the best home for her would include a lot of play time and activity. She would be a great family cat with any age children and we suspect that she would enjoy another cat to play with. She was been exposed to visiting dogs and tolerated them well.

Molly has had polyps removed in August which affected the corner of her eye and gives her a raspy breathing sound. This may or not disappear as she recovers but it is not a sign of bad health.

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