Name: Joyce

Description: Tabby

Age: 4 Years

Sex: Female

Adoption: Dun Roaming Stray and Rescue

Joyce” came to DunRoamin’ on January 2, 2020. She is a beautiful and talkative little tabby who loves people and loves to be social – especially at meal time.

Joyce had a urinary tract infection which was treated and she’s doing very well. She is happy to be waited on by her staff and hopes to be able to join a family who will love her forever! She is slightly overweight and was therefore prescribed a diet which she is not very happy about following, but most of us wouldn’t be! She loves her treats and she will do fine in a home where she can gets lots of attention (which she loves!), lots of exercise running up and down hallways, jumping onto window sills to watch birds and squirrels and jumping onto beds to spend her nights with her favourite people. Joyce was born about January 2, 2016 and is a very nice little girl who can’t wait for a loving home.

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