Name:  Jayla

Description: White

Age: 5 years

Sex: Female

Adoption: Through Dun Roamin Animal Shelter

Jayla” came to DunRoamin’ on January 14, 2021 from a colony of 62 that was growing unchecked.  Jayla had ear mites, a fistula on the left side of her nose and dental issues that required all of her teeth to be removed.  She also had an ear infection which has been addressed.  She was not comfortable at all, but is now doing much better.

Jayla was born about January 14, 2016 and weighed less than five pounds.  She has one blue eye (her right one) and she was slightly timid, but who wouldn’t be in her circumstances?   She was provided with all required medical assistance and is now spayed, fully vaccinated, tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and treated for all parasites.  As she has never been without multiple feline friends, it is our wish (and hers) that she may be adopted with at least one other feline friend so that she may continue to experience the feline camaraderie she has enjoyed for her entire five years.  Jayla has come a very long way from the timid and painful little girl whom came to us on January 14. 

 Jayla as adopted out on May 15, 2021, but was since brought back due to complications with other cats in the house. 

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