Name: Higgins
Description: Black
Age: 4 Months
Sex: Female
Adoption: Through DunRoamin’

“Higgins” originally came to us on June 11, 2019, from the NB SPCA where she, her mom and brothers had been rescued from a place where she did not receive the care or attention she required. She had a very bad case of upper respiratory infection, she was dehydrated and her eyes were glued shut with infection. Thankfully, medical care cured all these woes and she was soon happy and healthy.

On September 19, 2019, Higgins and her mom Blanca (see above) were adopted to a home, but their kittens antics proved too much for their adopters so they were returned. Blanca and Higgins love each other, love to run, play and wrestle as kittens do, so if you love that about cats, these are your girls! We’d love for them to stay together if at all possible – they LOVE each other!

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