Name: Healey

Description: Tuxedo

Age: 2 year

Sex: Female

Adoption: Through Dun Roamin Stray and Rescue

Healey” came to DunRoamin’ from Saint Thomas where she had lived for about a year, but had been struck by a vehicle while outside.  Her hind leg was badly fractured at her knee and she also had open wounds on the same leg.  We thought she may require her leg to be amputated, but that wasn’t the case!  She’s doing great!  Healey was already spayed upon arrival.

Healey was born about October 26, 2017 and is a sweetheart.  She is loving, affectionate and thanked her vet for the care she received with a loud purr.  She is a beautiful little girl who will receive the health care she requires and will be an indoor cat for the rest of her life – as she (and thousands of others) have proved:  it’s not safe for cats to be outdoors!

Healey has a small hernia on her belly, but it appears to be fine and does not require surgery, but we will always keep an eye on it to ensure nothing changes.

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