Name: Hasta
Description: Grey and white
Age: 4 Months
Sex: Female
Adoption: Through DunRoamin’

“Hasta,” her sister Vista and brother Bobby (see below) came to us on July 19, 2019 from Plaster Rock. They had been duct-taped into a box and left at the end of a driveway for someone to find and care for. No one could help them.

Hasta and Vista look very much alike, but an easy way to distinguish them is that Hasta has a thin white stripe around the middle of her right hind leg. They were placed under the care of the Florenceville Veterinary Clinic where they were treated for upper respiratory infection. They are fostered by a veterinarian where they rule the home and they’re now looking for a family to love and care for them. They are gorgeous! Thanks, Dr Haines!

Hasta and Bobby are very bonded and we hope that they can go to a home together. Vista is more of a loner and would prefer her own place.

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