Name: Galloway 

Description: Tabby 

Age: 14 years

Sex: Male

Adoption: Through Dun Roamin Animal Shelter, not up for adoption 

Galloway” came to us on January 23, 2013 from Woodstock, NB where he was a stray.  He had a lame right hind leg, was not neutered, was cold, hungry and dirty.  He was born about June 2007.

Despite all this, he was kneading and happy to have found refuge.  He was found to have a bit of arthritis, but he’s doing very well.  He is not a fan of dogs and should not live in a home with canines!  He would love to be one of our Cats for Seniors cats again – he loves to sit and cuddle and spend time with a human to whom he will totally dedicate himself.

Galloway is not up for adoption right now, as he is enjoying his time at the cafe as a resident boy! 

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