Name: Brenda

Description: White with black spots on face

Age: 7 years

Sex: Female

Adoption: Through Dun Roamin Stray and Rescue

Brenda” came to Dun Roamin on October 8, 2019 from Belleville where she, another cat and a kitten were left in a box outside someone’s home.  The other two felines were healthy and are being cared for by the people who brought Brenda to us.  She was pregnant, had flea allergy dermatitis, burdocks in her fur, had a hot/itchy ear and a broken tooth which required dental surgery.  Brenda was born about October 8, 2012.

Brenda is full of purrsonality!   She will purr and cuddle, then maybe swat your hand – just because!  She is beautiful and will make a wonderful addition to any family.  She is spayed, fully vaccinated, tested for FIV and FeLV and treated for all parasites.  She is anxious for a new home and family of her very own.

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