Name: Meeka

Description: tabby

Age: 7 months

Sex: Female

Adoption: Through St George Animal Shelter

Meeka is just a gentle, sweet little miss.

She seems so delicate and has the most distinctive way of curling her tail along her back.
Meeka likes to play wand toy and really enjoys going in the cat play tunnel at her foster home.
She also likes to be petted and loved by her people and will very sweetly rub all around you asking to be loved!

She has been a bit possessive of her cat play tunnel with another of the foster cats, batting him with her paw (no nails)
when he tried to play with it, but was fine with him immediately after. So she will be clear about her boundaries!

Meeka is very gentle and would be good in a home with children and other animals who are also gentle.
Very loving, playful and affectionate.

Meeka is about 7 months old, spayed, microchipped, rabies and core vaccinated and has received flea and worm treatments.

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